Looking for info on a Carr Gottstein property?

The Carr Gottstein portfolio is now managed by two separate companies: 


For info on the following properties contact:
Carr & Family Properties, LLC.
Phone: (907) 261-7327
Email: collin@carrfamproperties.com


For info on the following properties visit:
Phone:(907) 564-2424
Email: Info@DenaliCommercial.com

Retail Land Company Building
Midtown Mall**
Palmer Business Park
University Square
Wasilla Shopping Center
Office 935 W. 3rd Avenue
Brady Building*
Carr Gottstein Building
Midtown Plaza
Mixed Use
Huffman Business Park
Building A
Building B
Building C
Building D
Building M
Building N
Building O
Building P
Building Q

Residential Alpine View Estates
Discovery Bay Drive

Properties owned by Gottstein Properties, LLC.

* Owned by Resolution Tower CG

** Owned by Carr Gottstein Properties, LLC.

Retail 1389 Huffman Park Drive
Huffman Building S
Huffman Plaza
Huffman Shopping Center
Jewel Lake West
Kenai Shopping Center
Northern Lights and Muldoon Shopping Center
Southgate (Dimond & Old Seward)
Office Huffman Plaza
1389 Huffman Park Drive
6401 A Street
6411 A Street
Eagle Financial
Huffman Auto Center
International Freight Terminal
Residential River View Estates

Properties owned by Carr & Family Properties, LLC.


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